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Animal Healing in South London and Kent

I am experienced and passionate about animal healing and love to heal all small animals. I heal cats, dogs, rabbits and but I also heal many other small animals such as bats, quail, chickens, snakes, tortoises and lizards.

I am a professionally qualified and insured animal healer based in Beckenham in the London Borough of Bromley in Kent. I am registered with Healing Animal Organisation (HAO).

I will come to your home and am happy to travel, by public transport, across London Borough of Bromley, South London and Kent. (I will ask to be met at the local station or bus stop on my first visit.)

"Thank you for healing my cat, Cleo, of a cough that she had had for 2 years. Multiple vets failed to sort this out, but you successfully fixed it. You correctly identified and resolved the cause. She is now fully healthy and a loving cat. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with a pet that needs healing.
Blessings Michelle"
(For more examples of feedback and testimonies see Testimonials)

I also do distance healing and I hold a healing circle that you can attend. For more information click my healing circle & distance healing or visit FAQ and Q&A

I pet sit (mostly cats and dogs)and go dog walking, including those which need to be healed. I walk single dogs locally in Beckenham and Bromley. I am insured for both.

When booking a consultation there will be a few things I will need to know beforehand. Here a a few questions I will need to know:
* How can I help ? What is the issue/s or problem/s?
* What species/breed is it?
* What's his/her name?
* What age is it?
*Where do you live (I travel by public transport from Beckenham Junction and so what's the best way to get to you by public transport ?)
*What date and time is best for you (relaxed quite time.)?

We will complete a detailed history consultation form and food diary on the first visit and you will need to prepare a few things:
Details of any vaccinations or medication and your vets address,
Details of the animal's diet.
A quite enclosed room
For a dog:
- a lead and a bowl of water
But I don't need:
- music, scents or scented candles!

N.B. I am complimentary therapy energy healer and I can not guaranteed to cure your animals. I work along side vets and companions should advise their vet prior to a consultation.


This is Gandalf, a fellow animal healer's dog. It is easier to heal other people's pets than your own so I healed her dog. Gandalf is a beautiful Pugalier (a Pug/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix)

Animal Healing. gan


Healing Gregs/Harriot the Chicken
I have healed many interesting small animals. One of them was a rescue chicken called Gregg. Gregg was a female chicken so I asked Gregg in an animal communication ( A.C.) what she would like to be called. After trying a several ideas she told me she wanted to be called Harriot. Harriot now enjoys her new name!

Animal Healing. chicken


Healing a bat
This is the one of several bats that I healed from a bat rescuer. Many of the bats in her bat hospital are released but some can never be re-released as they are two damaged to survive in the wild. This one was caught on fly paper.

Animal Healing. bat


Healing animals in other countries
I have also healed animals in other countries this is Gizmo who lives in Portugal and is one of three (Gizmo, Kevin and Wichita) beautiful black mogs.

Animal Healing. mojo


Winnie the pug!
This is a pug I healed. Winnie was one of three pugs that came in with their companion.

Animal Healing. pug


This is Jayjay a gorgeous Jackawawa (Jack Russel Chiwawa cross). He had a problem with hands - he couldn't bare hands moving in his sight!

Animal Healing. Jayjaycropped


I first met Kashka after she had had her leg amputated. Her companion had asked me to heal her while cat sitting. (If you want me to heal you animals while I am pet sitting you will need a healing session first to take a history and get formal consent. ) Since then I have been looking after Kashka while her companion is away and keeping an eye on her recovery! (For more information on my cat sitting with Kashka see Pet Sitting.)

Animal Healing. kashka


Cleo the cat
Cleo came to me with a bad cough the vets could not cure. The companion had gone to several vets! Over one consultation and a couple of distance healing/circles her cough vanished. ( for more on this case Testimonials)

Animal Healing. CLEO


Peppay a gorgeous Chewawa Pomeranian cross was rescued from a Puppy Farm. He was a stud that escaped! He is now with Vicky his lovely new owner!

Animal Healing. Pepay




Kimba was one of those cases:

Emma is my chiropractor and when ever I get adjusted I talk to her about my work and life so she knew all about my animal healing consultations.
After a while of seeing her I saw a beautiful young boxer puppy in the clinic who I found out was Emma's I had already offered dog sitting for her when she told me that Kimba wouldn't get in the car boot and I offered her a appointment which we booked

When I got their I was greeted by Emma and Kimba and we went straight in to the issue by looking at what happened, I had already asked her whilst writing up my form what she thought was the origin so I knew that it had started quite early on as we was only 6 months at the time.

It only took the first session to get her up to the car and I didn't even need to book a other session or do any healing whilst there or distantly afterwards!

see kimba

Animal Healing. KIMBA2


Minky and Hester
Below are some picture from a healing I completed for Hester and Minky, Emmy's beautiful Tankinese cats. Hester and Minky were peeing in inappropriate places.

Animal Healing. hester

Phoebe's companion Rachel contacted me over Facebook about Phoebe's nervousness and shyness. Phoebe had come from Battersea and was a queen who had to have her kittens taken away from her to early as her milk had dried up!

When I had my first consultation I didn't actually get to meet her as she had got lost so instead I filled in the consultation form, gave Rachael some home work, gave Rachel some helpful tips on how to help find Phoebe and book a season later on in the month just for the healing.

I stayed in touch though out Rachael finding Phoebe which she did and when I came to heal her she was found!

I have bee very impressed with the way Phoebe has come out of her shell! when I first met her she stayed in the corner by he door for a good half an hour whilst I communicated to her that I was her to heal her for her highest good and I hoped that she would trust me enough to come out and come closer to me for some hands on healing! eventually she did but mostly stayed close to Rachel who's her favorite in the household!She was reluctant to try the smelly herbs out of my hand and i had to put them on the floor at front of her!

However when I came for my first follow up she was found on top of the bed instead of under it as she was before ( It took a while to find her the first time I met her-as Rachel had too look in all the hiding places) and she came into the middle of the room and demanded petting from me.

Animal Healing. pheebe

For other Daisychain services check out Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.

Do you want to know more about my work, click Testimonials or FAQ and Q&A pages or contact me via the email contact form

If you don't know what energy healing is and want to find out more about it or just want to find out what it is, try looking at FAQ and Q&A where there is an easy to follow flow diagram to help you understand. There are FAQs on FAQ and Q&A which I hope will help you to understand more about my work as an animal healer. If there any other questions or you would like to find out more please contact me on email contact form or text me!

I also have a Facebook page @daisychainhealing with fun facts about cats and dogs each week

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