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Testimonials and feedback

"Dear Daisy,
Thank you so much for the healing you gave to Lilo and for your intuitive thoughts on my relationship with her. Following your healing, she seemed to have a distinct spring in her step; she ventured quite a way away from the house and into the garden and just seemed less fearful and more content. She still seeks solace in her food and is looking for it at every opportunity but she does seem more willing to simply sit in our company and sometimes will even allow herself to be cuddled. Thank you again, your healing has put us all on the road to recovery."

Best wishes
Margaret Shaw 

Testimonial from Margaret Shaw:
"Daisy Everett is an incredibly gifted animal healer and particularly intuitive when working with cats. I have a very fearful and obese cat that I re-homed 2 years ago when her original family went traveling. She was aggressive to all the other animals in the household, she sat in wait, looking for any opportunity to steal their food and was frequently sick. She was too frightened to go outside and spent most of her day lying on an enormous cushion just waiting for mealtimes.

Daisy connected with Lilo immediately and I could see from her body language that she was very relaxed and was enjoying the experience. After the healing, what was a very fearful, reclusive cat started to venture out into the garden more; she  started to seek us humans out for attention and started to act like a member of the family rather than an outsider just observing what was going on.

Food is still an obsession and she can still lash out at the other animals but we are definitely in a better place now than we were before Daisy 's healing."

-Margaret Shaw

"Thank you for healing my cat, Cleo, of a cough that she had had for 2 years. Multiple vets failed to sort this out, but you successfully fixed it. You correctly identified and resolved the cause. She is now fully healthy and a loving cat. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with a pet that needs healing."

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"Daisy came to my house when I had been having problems with my anxious cats. At first I was unsure she would be able to perform any healing on my cats as I can't get them to sit on anyone's lap for more than a second - however Minky responded by meowing when Daisy asked if she could help her and she jumped straight into her lap when she stayed and looked completely calm. Daisy certainly has a lovely energy around cats and my cats adored her. She also gave me practical and professional advice for things that I hadn't thought about.

I will look forward to using her services again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her"- Emmy Bromley

Since this session I had a further session with this client and she has emailed to say that the longstanding problem she had with the cats with urinating in inappropriate places has been solved.

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Further testimonials can be provided by Daisy by request



I first asked Daisy to help with my 8 month old female Boxer ‘Kimba’, as she would refuse to walk up to the boot of the car. I was very impressed with how patient she was with Kimba. Daisy has the ability to read animals very well, and give confidence when needed. I was so impressed with how Daisy worked with Kimba that I then invited her to house sit while we were away. On my return I came back to a very happy and content puppy. Kimba now also walks up to the boot of the car! Thank you Daisy for all you have done.
Emma Burniston

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