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dog and cat breeds list for info

below are pdf with a list of all dog and cat breeds where I found them from and a link for more info

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FAQ and info. diagram


These are some questions which I have been asked. If you have any other questions please email or contact me and I will get back to you.

What is animal energy healing?
Animal energy healing is an energy based complimentary therapy. It uses intentions to help heal animals and people. It can be described in many ways. I hope my diagram at the bottom of this page will help you to understand. If you have any more questions please email me or you may find you answers on this page.

Is it like Reiki?
Yes it is quite like Reiki.
Animal energy healing works with the chakras, in particular the heart chakra as its love based. It uses energy transference. Reiki is, similarly, a kind of energy healing and a complimentary therapy

How does my healing help an animal?
I do not claim to cure your pet but using detective skills and healing skills I can work out what might be your animal's problem. Vets work on the physical body and they usually don't look at the environment, the social, psychological and environmental history or the food you give your animals. I am trained to look at the social, the diet and the environment as well as looking back at your animal's recent and past history. This is to make sure I have covered all the options. Using these detective skills and my calming approach I can look into helping you animal on the road to recovery. I am also trained in basic animal first aid and animal behavior.

I don't believe in Reiki or meditate so how can your work help my animal?
The relaxation techniques help the animal relax enough to let it's body heal itself. Relaxation boosts the immune system. Sometimes with all the stress and hard work in life you body is too stressed to heal properly. This is also true for animals who often get stressed for reasons which I can identify. Through this and deep relaxation your animal can get out of the spiral and heal itself. For a scientific way to explain how healing works I would recommend "The Field" by Lynn McTaggart. It explains the Quantum Biology in an understandable way

Can you explain this to me in scientific ways?
Healing works along side the parasympathetic system calming and shutting down the sympathetic system. The parasympathetic system can then carry out its job. I have found the book The Field by Lynn McTaggart very helpful. It explains the Quantum Biology in an understandable way.

Do I still need to go to the vet if i see you?
YES definitely!
I do not replace a vet!
I work with you and your vet to help. I do not claim to cure on my own and your vet must know I am seeing you and your pet. If applicable you must see vet before contacting me!

Which is better a holistic vet, you, or a conventional vet?
Whether you choose a conventional or holistic vet is up to you but I do not work on my own I work along side a vet. Conventional vets mostly works with just the physical body. Some vets are starting to come around to the holistic approach and there are holistic veterinary practices in some places. It is up to you if you want to use one if there is one in your local area.

How does this work help my dog with emotional problems?
Getting an animal to trust you can be difficult. Relaxation techniques or healing help to create a pure loving trusting environment which allow the animal to relax. Once the animal is relaxed I can gain it's trust and I can then help both the animal and you get to the core of it's issues. I am trained to look at the whole problem including behavior. Healing works in so many ways. It's so deep.

My dog is relaxed enough I don't think I need it any calmer?
Calming is a side affect not the aim of healing. Sometimes you many not need a pedicure, a massage or a warm relaxing bath but its still nice to have one.

My dog is too hyper. I don't think it will help?
Animals show relaxation or tiredness in different ways just as different people do. I had a dog as a client that ran around during a healing but when I mentioned this to his companion she told me that he always runs around when he is tired. However some animals just slow down moving less or stopping frequently when they are tired. In a similar way some animals may get energized by healing and some will relax. Healing goes right to the issue.

Here's a list of possible behaviors that animals exhibit during healing:-
- Blinking
- Yawning
- Washing or licking
- Chewing on their ear
- Slowing down in their movements
- Stopping moving/sitting/lying down from anything from a few seconds to totally
- Resting or falling asleep
- Speeding up or getting hyper
- Nothing noticeable happening

My friend told me her dog didn't go to sleep or relax? Does that mean it doesn't always work?
See above answer - of course it working!

What is distance healing ? How does it work?
Distance healing is a way of healing a pet or person at a long distances. I like to work with a picture and the name of the person/animal written down. Energy work can work at a distance with intention. There are scientific ways of explaining healing both distance or face to face with quantum physics. You may like to read The Field by Lynne McTaggart which explains this in more depth.

Where do I go to find you?
I can travel to you!
I have traveled all over the country and abroad to heal pets. I will go wherever I am needed as long as I can get there by public transport.
I live in Beckenham Junction and mostly work in South London Kent and East Surrey. The first time I travel I will ask that you meet me at the nearest station or bus stop.

I've heard of this thing called a healing crisis what is it and does it hurt my animal?
No it wont hurt!
Healing means to become whole. Especially when it's an emotional issue or a long standing problem or illness it can involve stripping down more than one layer of problems. Your emotional and physical bodies are like onions and they have layers. Once one issue has been resolved often something else that was hidden by the first problem/issue/illness will come to the surface. This is what happen when you have a healing crisis. Sometimes the crisis will be emotional, sometimes behavioral it can even be physical. For example I once healed a cat (see testermony) called Lilo for a emotional issue which was resolved but it went on to exhibit allergies which had to be healed as a second phase of the process.


dog and cat breeds info sheets

cat breeeds list

FAQ and info. cat breeds list

dog breeds list

FAQ and info. dog breeds list

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