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Distance Healing

Sometimes it is not possible to visit a client as often as its needed but this doesn't mean I can't heal them. In these cases I ask fora picture of the animal and I use it to heal through distance healing. Working through the medium of the animals picture I can heal from my home in Beckenham clients anywhere across the world. Very often I tell the client when I will be doing the healing so that they can either watch and or join with me if they know how to heal. This also allows them to give feedback on the affect of healing.

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My Healing Circle

My mother, friends and I regularly have healing circles. If you're interested and live near and would like to join us please let me know by email and I'll let you know when we are meeting. Only previous clients and friends/family can currently be part of this circle.

During the healing circle you spend time thinking about the person, animal or whoever you want to send some healing. I often write down where I intend to send the healing. We set the intention of healing during and after the circle. If I have a picture I put it in the middle of the circle. I use crystals, candles and wands to help me heal. After the circle ends any candles representing those who need healing are left to burn out to show that the healing will continue as set out in our intention.

The Healing Circle

We start with relaxing calming music and relax. We then meditate and open up our energies, grounding and asking the universe for help. After meditation we write on pieces of paper at least 2 or more people/animals/ subjects to heal. I will then ask you to choose two animals/people/subjects that you think are most in need of healing at the time and need concentrating on the most. (Don't worry, the whole point of the paper is that every thing written will be part of the healing. - I also have a candle to represent anyone that has been forgotten.) When everyone is ready I will then ask you to light a candle for the two you've chosen. When everyone has lit their candles I offer the space up to healing. I will pick up a picture, candle or paper with animal/person/subjects name on it. We will concentrate while sending the intention of loving healing and seeing them healed and healthy.

At the end of the circle we send out the intention of the healing carrying on after we have closed the circle, thank the universe and close down leaving the candles that represent the subjects clients being healed burning.

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