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my story to tell

anybody who finds a calling has a story to tell!
most people have had something happen to get to them to find their calling.

From a young age I've always had a infinity with animals having grown up with cats and been around other pets with my family and friends. I was always more close to the animals in my life that many people. In particular cat as I grew up with them and cat and I seemed to understand each other!

After my father figure my step dad left my mum and me and I had lost my first love while being chucked out of uni I went into depression. was advised by a spirital advisor of mine to find things I really love to get me get out that's when I found the college of phykick studies and started animal communication that when I found out about Elizabeth whiter and her dipomia of animal healing!

I found Elizabeth whiter on a day course in London south kensington college of phykick studes, after attending animal communication workshop after animal communication workshop at the time was looking for a year course on animal communication but when she said she had a course in animal healing I knew I found what I wanted.

In 2017 I started her course which taught me how to read animals behavior use my animal communication to find out what they want and need how to healing an animal as well as the academic knowledge of anatomy and physiology and animal first aid.

meanwhile I was walking my first clients dog bedwin (see bedwin and bedwin ) this was my dabue job as a dog walker and dog and cat sitter ( see @

during the course I volunteered twice at a local vets!

recently my kittens death on a dangerous humped back bridge has prompted me to start up a campiegn and after the loss I decided to start fostering adult cat and pregnant strays in need of a home! ( my cats work and my other work)

during all this Elizabeth has asked me to to help her several times ( see my other work)

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